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A selection of the best websites and apps in our portfolio.

Concept, design & development  |  WordPress

Corporate storytelling for ALDA

ALDA Events creates and organises dance events over the whole world. From A Day at the Park, to Armin Only.

We organised a Launch Project for ALDA, during which we designed and built a new website from scratch, over a period of four months. We started with a Design Sprint, during which we developed a concept in one week that was a perfect fit with ALDA’s strategy. ALDA creates worlds with stories, which the events are a part of. We made these stories interactive, so that visitors can experience and discover different worlds.

Concept, design & development  |  ios & android apps

Save energy with the clients of Greenchoice

Greenchoice is the most sustainable energy supplier in the Netherlands. Greenchoice actively helps her clients to save and produce energy.

In 2014 we won a pitch with a design concept that contributes to the goals of Greenchoice. One year later we launched the app, that makes it possible for clients to accurately keep track of their energy usage. Since then we’ve been continuously working together with Greenchoice on new functionalities and releases. The app has become the most important touchpoint of Greenchoice with her clients.


A (not that) classical guide for the music minded

With MaestroMusic.today Warner Music Netherlands familiarizes a new generation of music lovers with classical music. The platform anticipates on current topics or your mood at a specific moment of the day.
In collaboration with Timm & Pimm and Warner we did a Design Sprint where we developed the concept and tested with the target group. Thereafter the production fase started, Qikker was responsible for the design and development of the platform (Vue.js and WordPress). The client, together with Timm & Pimm focused on the content and marketing. Since the first release we do continuous improvements on the platform.


Every teacher can use a sidekick

Robin helps teachers by looking for online variation in additional teaching material that always fits the textbook. This way, all teachers can teach in their own way.

We started with a design sprint in which together with ThiemeMeulenhoff we developed the concept and tested it with real teachers. After that, Qikker was responsible for the design and development of the platform. In Robin we ask direct feedback from teachers so we can take together with them and ThiemeMeulenhoff steps in further development.

Design & Development | WordPress

All boys and girls must be able to grow up safely

Qpido provides information to students, teachers and parents about love, sexuality and relationships. They provide training to professionals and offer ambulatory help to boys and girls who have (had) to do with sexually transgressive behavior.

For Qpido we’ve developed a website where young people, parents and professionals can learn with specially adapted content about the different themes. It’s also possible for the youth to come into contact with Qpido via chat and WhatssApp, in this way they can contact someone with their questions and stories. Since the first realise, we have been working with Qpido to improve the website continuously.

Design & Development | Vue.js + cockpit

Een mobile-first website for AMF festival


AMF Festival is the biggest indoor festival organised by ALDA Events during Amsterdam Dance Event. During the festival people from all over the world come together in the Johan Cruijf ArenA.

In a short period of time we developed a mobile-first website that takes into account the different phases of promotion around the event. Think about a after-event mode that is activated immediately after the event and changes content and functionalities accordingly.

Design & development  |  WordPress & Laravel

A mourning portal for the EO

The Evangelische Omroep (EO) is a Dutch cross media broadcasting company, that wants to remain visible and tell stories about their Christian belief via various channels.

We developed a portal for the EO in Laravel and WordPress, that everyone who’s lost someone they love, can access. ‘I miss you’ helps visitors in mourning and offers comfort. You can find more information about this project on the detailed case page.

Design & development  |  WORDPRESS

The Airbnb for coaches in Amsterdam

House of Awareness is an online platform for self improvement and a place where you can find a coach that suits your needs. On top of this, visitors can also find exercises and inspiration on the site.

We designed various concepts for House of Awareness, and the client chose their favourite. After this we developed a WordPress platform. The coaches can adjust their own profile in the WordPress CMS, and the client can fill the various landing pages with new products, like workshops and courses.

design & development  |  Laravel & WORDPRESS

Made to measure advice on investing

Slim Beleggen and Beursbrink are independent portals with news on investing and advice for private investors. Subscribers get made to measure periodical reports with relevant information and advice.

The subscription service and member administration is a custom made application built in Laravel. WordPress is used as the CMS for the editorial content. The two portals are continuously being improved using the Continuous Improvement process.

development PARTNER  |  Laravel & BACKBONE

Online learning environment for ThiemeMeulenhoff

As Development Partner of the educational software developer d-sens, we are responsible for the technical realisation of ‘Got it?! – Maths’ and ‘Got it?! – Language.’

On ThiemeMeulenhoff’s adaptive learning environment students can improve their maths and language skills at their own pace, and on their own level. Over 200.000 students from elementary and secondary schools work with this method.

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