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How can we offer support to people in mourning?

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Anyone who’s lost a loved one can visit the ‘I miss you’ website. The site helps people in mourning, and offers comfort.

Qikker developed the portal, commissioned by the ‘Evangelische Omroep’ (EO) that wanted to set up an online platform to support the television programme ‘I miss you.’ We were responsible for the execution of the concept, visual design and the development of the website. After the Launch Project, we improved the portal, step by step, via our Continuous Improvement process.

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Main questions

Every one of our projects starts off by asking the right questions. Based on research by the EO we defined the following main questions.

– How can we support people in mourning?
– How can we offer comfort via online content?
– How can we help people to find comfort with others?


Mourning means contemplating loss. A powerful and recognisable way to do this, is by lighting a candle in a church. We looked at the quality of this experience, and how we could translate it from the real world, to the digital world.

The lighting of the candle became a literal translation in this project. Besides this, we also created the option to set up an online monument for the lost loved one, together with family and friends. Finally, we made it possible to connect with others in different ways on the ‘I miss you’ platform. This way, people can be comforted by others.

“On 'I miss you' can you share your grief, even though you're at home by yourself.”

- comment from a visitor


On ‘I miss you’ everyone can make a monument to commemorate a loved one. On this online memorial site family and friends can place photographs, videos, poems and stories about their lost loved ones. Other people who visit the online monument can add their own memories, or light a candle.


Without a monument there’s the option for visitors to light a candle for a lost loved one.


Research, conducted by the EO, showed that relatives and friends of lost loved ones find it very important to connect with others. They can do so on ‘I miss you’ on various levels.

  • One large community. Via the Facebook page people can stay up to date about new episodes of the TV programme, themes that are discussed online and articles.
  • Mini communities. Various communities have arisen on the platform, where visitors can find like-minded people, who are interested in the same themes or know the people who have passed away.
  • Personal contact. People can get in touch with each other personally.


It’s nice to see that we can really offer support to people with an online product. We were pleasantly surprised by the large amount of monuments that were made after the website went online. The number of visitors also grew a lot quicker than expected.

By keeping an eye on the way people use the website, we can see that the goal we had with the site has been met. It’s impressive to read all the stories. Now that the portal is being used so much, we’ve discovered new applications that we hadn’t thought of before. For example, the speeches that are given during the ceremonies, are often placed on the monument. A beautiful way to share these, and read them over again.

  • 80K+ visitors each month

  • 3.148 candles have been lit, and monuments made

  • 400+ published articles

  • 2 nominations for the Dutch Interactive Awards 2017

Launch Project with Continuous Improvements

At the start of this project there was a strict deadline. The site had to be up and running one week before the new television season. For this first release we went through a Launch Project, during which we developed the first concept, made the designs and developed the website and went live, in three months

Technology-wise we chose, together with the client, to develop the portal with the Laravel PHP framework. The WordPress CMS is used to manage the editorial content, so that the editors of ‘I miss you’ can easily write, design, categorise and publish content.

After we went live, we determined new wishes with the client and prioritised them. In the months after the first launch we developed and created each and every one of them, with our Continuous Improvements process.

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Joost Cornelissen Partner & Strategy Director

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