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How can we help people save energy?

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The Greenchoice app enables customers to organise their own energy preferences. The app gives them detailed insights into how they use their energy, and that, in turn, saves a lot of energy.

Qikker created this app together with Greenchoice for iOS as well as Android. The app has strategic worth and is the most important communication tool for Greenchoice’s clients. After a successful Launch Project, we are continuously improving the app during our Continuous Improvements process.

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Thanks to our cooperation we achieve our goals. Qikker is customer-focused and delivers the highest quality.

Jeroen van Rooy, Product Owner Online

Main questions

Greenchoice was looking for an easy and fun way to make clients more aware of their energy usage, and to help them to become energy neutral. We defined these questions keeping that in mind.

– How can we offer quick and easy insights into energy usage?
– How can we make saving energy fun?

The solution

Clients can see their energy usage and what they get back per year, month and day in the Greenchoice app. That gives them a clear insight into what they spend on their energy. These costs can be compared in the app to the rest of The Netherlands’, or similar household’s, costs. This way people can see if they’re on the right track.

Quick insights into complex energy numbers

This app is for people who are continuously trying to save energy, but also for client who don’t have a clue about how much they spend a month. The app makes complex energy numbers clear for every client.


Greenchoice also gives specific tips on how to save energy, which can lead to a quick reduction of energy usage. The client can see how their energy usage has changed because of the adjustments they made.


People with a ‘smart’ meter and a Greenchoice BOKS-meter, can get real time insights into their energy usage.

Met de BOKS-meter krijgen klanten realtime inzicht in de app


Throughout the past three years the app has been the most used touch point for Greenchoice and its clients. More than 10.000 clients use the app on a daily basis.

  • 200K+ app downloads

  • 55.000 active users per month

  • 15% average energy savings per user

Launch Project with Continuous Improvements

We developed the app with a Scrum team, and the key stakeholders were Greenchoice, Qikker Online and Greenchoice clients. The first release was developed as a Launch Project, and clients could compare their energy meters with those of other households.

After this it was developed into an app with an extensive dashboard, on which clients could even check their energy usage per 15 minutes. We’ve described how this process works on the Continuous Improvements page.

Call us if you'd like to know more about this case or to if you're curious how we could help you.

Joost Cornelissen Partner & Strategy Director

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