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Great digital work is clear, memorable and sustainable.

At Qikker, we want all our work to be clear, memorable and sustainable. And we believe you should want the same.

Great digital work is clear.

Nobody likes complex digital products that are hard to use. We like our online experiences to be smooth and the products that we use to be clear and intuitive. However, creating online experiences that are simple to use and valuable for both the company and user is not easy. Back in the day, Leonardo da Vinci wrote that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Later, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs agreed.

In order to create intuitive digital products, you need to fully understand the (commercial) goals and KPI’s of the project and the challenges that the target audience face. With this input, the most important user journeys can be defined that form the foundation of the product. To build this all-important foundation, you must dare to make choices. Choosing what to focus on, but even more importantly (and difficult): what to leave out.

Great digital work is memorable.

Internet is one big fight for attention. To create a website or app that makes a lasting impression, users must feel an emotional connection that matches the values of your organization. This brand recognition positions you in the market and helps your audience to remember you in an authentic way.

To create this emotional connection, you should focus on building an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) instead of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). An MVP might have all the necessary functionality to release a product, but is lacking soul. By embedding character from the first release onward, your product will be memorable. And that has value for both the user and the company.

Great digital work is sustainable.

Your business is always changing, and so will your online presence and needs. For future-proof digital products, it’s best to stick to proven (open source) technology and best-in-class development standards. Ensuring the design allows for evolution is also key.

If you want to build to last, blindly following the latest hypes won’t help. Follow the trends, but be sure to make conscious choices about which skills, tools and tech-stacks work best for the project. This way, the team and client can keep developing the product for years to come.

Examples of great digital work

Check our portfolio for some examples of great digital work.

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