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Continuous Improvements

Continuous Improvements

  • Monthly
  • From 16 hrs/m
  • 2+ people

During the process of Continuous Improvements we think along strategically and are continuously innovating and improving your website or webapplication, within a predetermined number of hours per month.

A successful online product or service is never finished. The developments in the marketplace and the technology follow each other at a rapid pace, and to remain competitive you have to keep innovating. That’s why we’ve developed a process during which we work on improving your website or app, at a steady pace.

We prefer to fulfill the role of online partner for our clients. As a partner we proactively think along on a strategic level. We determine online goals, and hence take the responsibility for the execution. This means we determine a fixed number of hours per month during a Continuous Improvement project.

Interested in Continuous Improvements? Get in touch or read more about this process below.

Deep dive

Always innovate and improve

Within the Continuous Improvement projects we always work on an existing online product. More often than not we’ve developed these websites ourselves, but we also do Continuous Improvements for projects that other parties have made.

Before we start with the further development we compose a ‘Product Backlog.’ This is a list of requirements, wishes and bugs. We make this list together with the Product Owner, who is responsible for the project from the client’s side. Our development team makes an assessment for all the items and thereafter the Product Owner prioritises the list. This means, as a client, you’re always in control.

After prioritising the Product Backlog, the team starts developing in sprints, that take a month each. We start with the items that are highest on the priority list, followed by items lower on the list, etcetera. At the end of the sprint the improvements are released, and we start with a new one. By doing the sprints in such a manner, the duration and budget are always fixed, but the number of items that are worked on during a sprint is flexible.

The budget and duration are always fixed, but the number of items that are worked on during a sprint is flexible.

What are the benefits of this?

  • We are continuously working on the improvement of the website or webapplication
  • The budget and duration are fixed
  • You have room to adjust the course as a client
  • The work is well organised, which means there’s less time necessary for project management
  • The team, which the client is a part of, works in an efficient and pleasant rhythm

The Continuous Improvements team

  • Product Owner. This is the primary contact person from the client’s side. The Product Owner has the authority to make decisions about what has the priority, and about what needs to be built. It is also the Product Owner’s job to ensure that all the stakeholders involved on the client’s side are kept up to date.
  • Project manager / Scrum Master. This project manager ensures the project goes smoothly, by making sure the team can work effectively. He or she also facilitates the meetings, keeps the Product Backlog up to date, and is the link between the various team members and the Product Owner.
  • Het development team.  The development team consists of various developers, designers and testers. Depending on the needed expertise for certain features and work, the necessary members of the development team are involved.

"Qikker communicates clearly when something needs to be done, and has a quick response rate. They’re great at thinking along about new features too."

Dominique Zondervan, Rockstart

Off to a flying start with a transition project

After a brand new website or webapplication has been delivered, we can start with Continuous Improvements immediately. For websites that have been built by another party, we organise a transition project first.

During such a transition project we explore the code that the website or webapplication has been built with, and set the development or project management tools up to our own standards. If necessary we fix existing bugs immediately and improve the quality of the code. This way we ensure we’re off to a flying start, we can keep developing effectively and can make improvements straight away.

Give us a call if you’re curious about what we can do for your website or webapplication.

Michiel Willekens Owner & Managing Director

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