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Development Partner

Development Partner

  • Projectbased
  • € 80 - € 125 per hour
  • 3+ people

We work as a technical Development Partner for design and advertising agencies. We are specialised in the development of online products using Laravel, WordPress and VueJS.

Those who don’t have developers on the payroll, or (temporarily) need more manpower, can come to us. You develop the strategy, the concept and the design, and we look after the technical part.

We have set up a smoothly run development organisation in Amsterdam. Our programmers have extensive experience in developing websites and apps. We understand what you mean, and know what’s important for a successful collaboration. Our processes are completely transparent and have been put together in such a manner that we can always stick to our promises. We deliver high quality, on time and within the budget.

To develop efficiently, we use the same technology for our projects. This is a combination with PHP, Laravel, WordPress and VueJS. By specialising in these technologies we can deliver made to measure projects, right up to the precise pixel.

Interested in us as Development Partner? Read more below, or get in touch for more information.

Qikker: Creative, conceptual thinkers who take on the challenge to see how far they can go using technology. But, most of all: people who are nice to work with!

Matthieu van Diepen, d·sens

Deep dive

PHP, Laravel, WordPress and VueJS

We believe in open source technology, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Also, this means we’re not stuck to a certain supplier, or to specific people. We develop our backends mostly with PHP and MySQL in combination with a number of frameworks. We use WordPress as a CMS, because this is sufficient for a large number of the websites we make. For made to measure functionalities we use Laravel PHP, a modern framework that is embraced as the best by developers. We build the frontend with VueJS. Because of this web applications no longer feel like static pages, but are interactive, and that adds character. On top of this, this technology is future-proof, and offers the possibility to function as the basis for mobile apps.

Agile development

We work according to an agile development method. Our projects are fixed time, fixed budget and flex scope. With other words: the duration and costs are fixed, the scope is flexible. This way we can respond to your changing wishes or insights, and that of the client. We are sure that we’re building a product that we’re all proud of, but what’s in the exact scope is something we decide together during the process. You will obtain complete access to our project management system, the test environments and our planning. We find this important, because we prefer not to be surprised during the process as well. This way, we ensure the best results in an efficient, quick and especially a creative manner.

Working as partners

We work as a subcontractor or can work for your clients directly, but we’re always partners. Preferably, we’re already involved during the determining of the costs, so that we can deliver input from our area of expertise. We can also start from the moment the design has been made, as long as we can offer input to the designers during the development. We are convinced that a close collaboration between strategy, design and development leads to the best end products, even if these disciplines are spread throughout different agencies.

Our promise is simple: we think along with you, and we always stick to our end of the deal.

Give us a call if you want to chat about a collaboration.

Michiel Willekens Owner & Managing Director

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