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Launch Project

Launch Project

  • 3 - 4 months
  • 200 - 600 hrs
  • 8 - 12 people

During a Launch Project we develop a website or app, from the idea right up to the launch, in just three months.

Lots of our clients come to us because they’re fed up with the mismanagement of earlier projects. Deadlines that get pushed forward, and budgets that aren’t held to are more often than not the case when it comes to digital projects. This leads to frustration and a lot of headaches for all the parties involved.

Agile, and more specifically Scrum, are project management tools that are built to work with set deadlines and budgets. By using these methods in combination with the wishes of our clients, we developed the Launch Project. During this process we develop a high-end bespoke website or app in a flexible manner, but we stick to our pre-determined budget, process and lead time.

Interested in a new website or app? Go ahead and read more about a Launch Project below, or get in touch with us for more information.

Deep dive

Agile: flexible within limits

We believe that an agile approach is the best way to develop worthwhile online products and services within a predetermined timeframe and budget. An agile project is composed in such a manner that different wishes and new requirements can be taken into account throughout every phase. Which means there’s room for flexible adjustments along the way.

This flexibility is made possible because we work in a steady rhythm, taking priorities into account. The Product Owner (the person on the client’s side who is responsible for the website or app) is responsible for determining the priorities of the items that need to be developed (in Scrum terms: the grooming of the backlog) and will remain in control of what will be delivered throughout the whole process.

By using the agile approach we are able to dedicate as much time as possible to the actual development and the quality of the website or app. We find that a lot more fun than a tug-of-war about what does, and does not, belong to the scope of the project. Because of this, we always manage to deliver amazing results.

“The client gets more control, so that we can focus on quality.”

Phase 1: Concept & Design

Phase 1 takes from four up to six weeks and focusses on the design of the website or app. Depending on the specific requirements and goals of the project, we develop a design concept that we determine with the client first. We can develop this design concept with a Design Sprint (which we can also offer as a stand alone project), or if it’s a slightly more conventional project we can take a few simple steps towards a final concept.

Once the concept has been determined, we translate it into graphic designs. This design production consists of designing all the templates and a style guide with different styles and interactive elements. The designs, together with the development briefing, shape the deliverable of this phase.

Phase 2: Development

The development phase starts after the design has been made. During this phase we work in sprints of two weeks, up towards the first release. A first release normally takes about three to four sprints, and therefore lasts about six to eight weeks. We determine this timespan together, before we start the actual project.

We start every sprint off by planning the various development items of the sprint beforehand. These are then handled by us according to priority, so that the most important things get done first. We organise a stand up with the team every day, so that the progress and impediments can be discussed. Also, we constantly do different tests throughout the sprint and the Product Owner (the client) is involved when necessary.

Every sprint ends with a demo, during which the progress is presented to the client.

Focus (*-*)

Phase 3: Content, tweaking & live

The first content can be put into the CMS during the developmental phase, and will have to be finalised after the last sprint, so that the website or app can also be ready to launch, content-wise. We usually give this about a week after the last development sprint.

Experience teaches us that we always bump into a few last things that need to be done during the finalising of the content. After all the content has been put into place, we use another week to tweak and solve the last issues, so that we can launch the website or app and pop the champagne with peace of mind.

A specialised team

We determine which specialists are required per project, and according to this we put our team together. A Launch Project team consists of an average of eight to twelve people. Like an art or creative director, designers and developers, a project manager and a tester.

The Product Owner from the client’s side also becomes an integral part of the team. On top of that there’s usually someone who’s responsible for the content that joins the team too. Therefore, we ensure that all the necessary roles are fulfilled by the right people, to ensure an amazing final result.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you’re curious about examples or would like more information about the Launch Project.

Joost Cornelissen Partner & Strategy Director

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