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The world is your office: how remote working can boost your company.

At Qikker, we give our employees the freedom to work where and when they are most productive. Why? Because it contributes to employee satisfaction, a healthy work-life balance, better results for clients and our company’s success. Below we share a few tips so your company can benefit from remote working as well.

Remote working means you work from a different location than the office where your company is based, but are connected to your colleagues through internet. This can be from home, or from anywhere else in the world.

Qikker Online is a remote digital agency. Remote working is in our DNA. Part of our team work internationally and many other team members normally based in Amsterdam, often spend time abroad and work from there.

Great work and happy clients

The most important reason for us to embrace remote working is because it keeps us happy and inspired. Thanks to remote working, the best professionals from around the world can join the Qikker team. Resulting in great work and happy clients.

Tools for remote working

When you’re not physically sitting next to each other, you have to ensure you are using the right tools to stay on the same page. We use the following tools:

  • Slack, for daily communication through chat and audio calls
  • Podio, as our project management system that shows exactly who is responsible for what
  • Appear.in for group video
  • Cooker, our own planning system that helps everyone see exactly which projects he or she is working on

NB: for internal communication we do not use email.

Hire people directly

We are constantly approached by agencies in Eastern Europe and India offering their services. We choose not to work with these agencies or software companies, but instead hire people directly. That means all our remotes have been through the same hiring procedure as the people that work in our office, and we ask all candidates to complete a pilot project. A pilot project takes a week and is meant to evaluate how people work together, communicate and manage expectations. If these are not your natural qualities, then working remotely will prove very difficult.

Come together in person as well

The best way to get to know each other and improve the sense of comradery in a team, is by seeing each other in person. That’s why we invite everyone to Amsterdam at least twice a year for a strategy session, celebration or another group activity. Last summer we took the whole team to Crete to work (and sunbathe) remotely.

Be prompt and go east

When you start working remotely, that can be an adjustment for the people around you, both clients and colleagues. Ensure you are extra prompt for all your calls and (virtual) meetings, so that others can gain trust in the new way of working. And in regards to the time difference, if you have the option, going East is preferable to going West. Working when Amsterdam is still sleeping, means you’re ahead instead of behind.

Give freedom

As a boss or colleague, your natural preference is to have the people you’re working with a stone’s throw away from your desk. If you need something, you can get an answer immediately. But your colleague may prefer working from home and attending your meetings virtually. Or that one colleague who would rather stay on in Thailand a little longer. In those cases, we give our team the freedom and the trust to decide where they work, even if that might feel a little uncomfortable. We find that trust always comes back around.

Challenges ahead

Our goal is not to become fully remote, but we do aim to have 30% to 50% of our people working remotely. For many tasks, especially during the development phase of a project, this is already the case. For other activities, such as presenting designs to the client, or a Design Sprint, we don’t yet have a (fully) remote alternative. Many clients still prefer to work with people at their own physical location. We will continue tackling these challenges to find suitable solutions that provide the best results for both our agency and our clients.

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Joost Cornelissen Partner & Strategy Director

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